The Octoknot

Octoknot Evolution

When I first began Galvin Leatherworks several years ago I had already come up with the basic concept for my Octoknot. I've always drawn random little things. All throughout school and college the margins of my notes would be filled with doodles. It's not something that just goes away. Once I began working in an office I tended to continue this when stuck on conference calls. 

In these times I was already trying to figure out how to express myself artistically. Up to this point I generally considered myself a dilettante. I was dabbling in many different mediums, painting, sculpture, photography, even knitting. I was looking for a manner to represent myself and what I considered a multidisciplinary habit. 

I wanted to honor my Irish roots, and figured a Celtic symbol would do really well. I've played with various knotwork ideas over the years. One thing that stood out to me was with many of the zoomorph patterns many of the creatures that needed extra twisting to be able to pull of the patterns. When I looked through reference images I found many creatures, but never an octopus. This struck me as odd. 

The octopus seems to lend itself perfectly for a Celtic knot. All the tentacles easily twist into any shape necessary. They are incredibly resourceful creatures, very adaptive and I felt really represented me. 

The far left is a doodle from one of those conference calls. I had drawn some intersecting circles and it all started coming together. I inked over the initial penciling and here it is. 

A few years later on after I started playing with leather. I had tried a few other Celtic images already. So I figured I should try to bring that image into my new medium. The middle is this first attempt of tooling the Octoknot. 

When I finally decided to make the Octoknot my logo I hoped to be able to turn it into something more marketable. I had plenty of experience with Photoshop and Illustrator from college. I set to work one night and the finally had a clean version. This I turned into a stamp first as my maker's mark in my leatherwork. Now I also have it available as an enamel pin. Starting this weekend I'll also have stickers of the Octoknot available at shows.