Natural Leather

The majority of leathers we use are vegetable tanned. This process involves submerging the hides in vats of tanning liquors which are derived from the bark of trees; oak, chestnut, mimosa and others. After which they are stretched and dried. 

When the leather comes to me it has a soft russet color. I can then dye it in a variety of colors, or simply add a wax top coat and allow you to age it. Below you can see three bands. The left is fresh russet leather, the second is a double wrap with about 3 months of regular exposure. The far right was closer to a year of exposure. 

Natural leather darkening


I can't say what your individual piece will look like 6 months to a year after you've purchased it. It will be as unique as you are. I do enjoy seeing how they've aged. Feel free to shoot me an email, or tag me on Facebook or Instagram.